Eek! You’re covered with bacteria! (Don’t freak out – turns out everyone is, and they’re good for you)

So a few months ago, I wrote about the human microbiome (all of the bacteria that live inside and on your body, and generally help to maintain your health, digest certain foods, train your immune system, and other beneficial jobs) for a science outreach group called “Science in the News,” which is run by Harvard PhD students.  I thought it was neat that last week, the NYTimes magazine published a more in-depth article focused on the same topic – basically, that bacteria are generally less harmful than we believe them to be, and in fact are usually necessary for healthy living.  For a brief read, check out my article on the SITN website, and then go read the longer article at the NYTimes (link below).  This is a highly salient topic that is starting to gain a lot of traction both within the scientific community and the general public.

Say Hello to the 100 Trillion Bacteria That Make Up Your Microbiome –

Also, stay tuned for a new blog post later this evening!


Let me know what you think: too simple or too detailed? Any suggestions or comments about this post or for future topics? Feedback if it was "just right" is also appreciated!

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