Personal Genetics – take a quiz and learn something new!

What is personal genetics?  It’s a pretty hot topic these days, as the price of sequencing a genome is increasingly more affordable.  Personal genetics is when you have your genome sequenced, and then your genes can be assessed for genes that cause diseases, physical traits, etc.  While many of these genes are not yet very well understood, advances in our understanding of different genes may eventually provide enormous amounts of information about you and your body.  With these advances in understanding individual genomes comes a lot of ethical, social, and legal issues, both currently expected and unforeseen future debates.  Check out this website dedicated to the various topics pertaining to personal genetics.  Best of all, you can test your knowledge about genetics with this interactive quiz, and then pin yourself to a map of people who have taken the quiz: (it’s only five questions!)

Map-Ed Genetics: Pin Yourself on Our World Map!

And for anyone who’s an educator, there’s a section of the website dedicated to lesson plans for engaging students in these conversations – after all, it will effect the next generation even more than our own as technology and medicine continue to advance.


Let me know what you think: too simple or too detailed? Any suggestions or comments about this post or for future topics? Feedback if it was "just right" is also appreciated!

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