Ease into 2014 with a little science!

Happy new year everyone!  In continuing my resolution to get back into blogging, here’s the first post of 2014.  It’s less basic-science focused than usual to ease us all back into the groove.  Since it was published online at the Science in the News Flash, you can read the full article here (I suspect they like keeping track of viewcounts and if you read it on my blog they won’t know you read it!).  Here’s a picture to peak your interest:


If this sneak preview wasn’t enough, here’s the brief synopsis: the full article is about stem cells, which are basically “young” cells capable of “growing up” into any kind of cell in the body.  These cells have huge promise for medical and basic research, since they could be used to cure spinal cord injuries, grow organ transplants, and tons of other things.  Unfortunately, as with any rapidly advancing technology, there are important ethical considerations for the public and scientists to keep in mind – should treatments be offered before clinical trials test whether they are safe?  Is there a conflict of interest for doctors who claim only to want to treat patients with untreatable diseases but charge large sums of money?  Read more about these and other debates facing the stem cell field over at the Flash – and if you are feeling interested/ambitious, keep reading, since the Flash has a whole special series on stem cells and there are several other articles of note in this publication.

My article: http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2014/never-an-easy-answer-the-ethics-of-stem-cells/

Explore the rest of the issue: http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/category/flash/


Let me know what you think: too simple or too detailed? Any suggestions or comments about this post or for future topics? Feedback if it was "just right" is also appreciated!

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