If you’re looking for science-inspired plans tomorrow night…

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Hi everyone!  I had this great plan for my next blog post (which is totally coming next month) but my time has been pretty filled the last few weeks working on slides for a presentation I’m giving tomorrow night – and here’s the best part: it’s a public lecture about science, geared toward non-experts AND it’s streaming free online.  So if you’ve got some free time tomorrow evening (11/12) beginning at 7 p.m., set up camp at your computer and watch the live stream.  I’m the third talk in a series of three talks about RNA (which is a molecule found in your cells).  The first talk introduces the traditional role for RNA as a messenger, shuttling genetic information from DNA into protein; the second talk is about all the other really cool things RNA can do; and my talk will cover how RNA is being designed as a treatment for a variety of diseases, what types of diseases RNA treatments could be used for, and how those treatments might work.

The live-stream is here: https://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/sitn-live/

Or, if you’re a Boston local, feel free to attend in person: directions here.


Let me know what you think: too simple or too detailed? Any suggestions or comments about this post or for future topics? Feedback if it was "just right" is also appreciated!

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